Vocational Training on Energy Counselling

High qualified training to become an energy counsellor / energy consultant

EBA training
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2007 - ongoing


Offering high quality training program as additional qualification with permanent quality controlling and adaption for the vocational fields of:
The quality of the course is garantueed by working together with the "Energieinstitut Linz" and other organisations within a consortium named ARGE EBA, where trainings standards had been worked out.
Energy consultance will be able to work with private households as well as with companies.
Another important value to train energy consultans is awarness raising and motivation to use alternative energy, have an energy efficient household or to set actions to transform the company into an energy efficient building.
These actions will help to use less resources and therefore save the environment and help to stop climate change, as well as help the household or company save money.


5 Basic courses (A-Courses) a year with 22 to 24 persons each, and 1 to 2 Special courses (F-Courses) with 22 to 24 persons each.

Target groups

The course is open to everybody who wants to work in this area.


"die umweltberatung" Lower Austria
"die umweltberatung" Vienna
Energieberatung Linz, Upper Austria


Arge EBA