Organising your event in an environmentally friendly fashion is not only good for the environment, but also means higher standards and quality for the visitors.


Poject type/Funding

City of Vienna


2007 - ongoing


Contribution to the aims of EU's waste directives in order to reduce waste
Avoidance of waste and protection of resources by "ecologising" big events.


Easy access to information about environmentally friendly implementation of events
Implementation of a well known information turntable
Short counselling at high quality for organisers of events
Detailed counselling at high quality for private and public organisers of events
Awareness raising and motivation of organisers of events
Decrease of waste – avoidance of waste
Enhanced separation of waste at big events
Decreased usage of resources and energy

Target groups

City of Vienna
Organisers of events at public and private sites/locations
Educational institutions

Angelika Hackel
Angelika Hackel

Bei Fragen kontaktieren Sie bitte

Mag.Angelika Hackel MSc

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