The future generations ought to receive proper training in order to have the know-how to effectively address environmental issues. GreeNET aims to overcome this apparent gap by linking active participation in initiatives for the protection of the environment to various school science subjects and to the future choice of career paths. DIE UMWELTBERATUNG is associated partner of GreeNET.


Project type/Funding

EU Life long learning program, EACEA, DG Education and Culture



Aims and objectives

To successfully and permanently link environmental education to career contexts. To address future skills’ needs, the focus is on tackling major challenges by properly training the next generation to correspond to major issues such as sustainable development and climate change, and make sound decisions for their future careers.

To create an inventory of the most outstanding educational scenarios connecting the curricula of the participating countries to professions related to sustainable development and environmental protection. These will render students more environment-friendly, active and personally and professionally responsible and make them reflective problem solvers.

To establish a constantly-expanding network of teachers and school communities informed on the necessity of ‘green living and teaching’ and trained in effective use of digital resources in science teaching. This network shall operate in an independent way, with teachers supplying the educational material and ultimately being responsible for the preservation and further enhancement of the inventory.


Inventory of Best Practices related to sustainable development and environmental protection
Access to unique training materials, guidelines and relative info in the GREENET Moodle

Target groups

School communities, teachers and students

Applicant organisation

Ellinogermaniki Agogi, Greece


Federal Ministry of Education and Women's Affairs (BMBF), Austria
Styrian Association for Education and Economics (STVG), Austria
Greek Research & Technology Network (GRNET), Greece
Quest for Unlocking Human Knowledge (EUMMENA), Belgium
Ecoinstitut Barcelona (ECOI), Spain
Universität Bayreuth (UBT), Germany
United Kingdom Insightshare, UK
Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), Greece

Manuela Lanzinger

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Mag.a Manuela Lanzinger

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