SOPRO - Environmental Protection and Sustainability in Cooperation with Economy, the Public Sector and Social Enterprises

The cross-border project SOPRO aimed at linking economic enterprises, public institutions and social enterprises in a productive and innovative way.




Project type/Funding

European Territorial Cooperation (ETC)

Project Number



2012 - 2014

Aims and objectives

The basic idea of this project was the strengthening of social institutions and regional economic cycles, based on mutual appreciation. It was the aim to expand cooperation between enterprises and public contracting authorities and social enterprises, and to find and to develop further sustainable products and services of high quality in their suitability for the market, so that they become well-established for the general public.

An essential finding which stems from previous experiences was that between an idea of a potential contractor and its implementation in a social enterprise, an interface was required, which was provided by the SOPRO consultants. Time and again, a creative participation in the delvelopment of product ideas was required, as well as networking, in order to find the proper partner in social economy. The SOPRO project consortium assumed the role to mediate between clients and social enterprises, according to demand, and between ideas and their implementation (development of products).


Based on successful examples in Lower Austria, sustainable quality products and services provided by social enterprises were developed in Vienna, Burgenland, Styria and West Hungary. At least 100 products or services came into existence until the end of the project in December 2014.


BIENE, Verein Boden- und Bioenergienetzwerk, Lower Austria


  • Die Wiener Volkshochschulen - DIE UMWELTBERATUNG, Austria
  • LEED Helyi Gazdaság- és, Foglalkoztatásfejlesztési, Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft; Hungary
  • KOMUNITAS OG, Austria
  • "Foglalkoztató" ZalA-KAR Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft., Hungary
  • BMV Burgenländischer Müllverband, Austria
  • Abfallwirtschaftsverband Radkersburg, Austria
  • Lebenshilfe Radkersburg, Austria
  • Bio Forschung Austria, Austria
Katharina Foglar-Deinhardstein

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Mag.a Katharina Foglar-Deinhardstein, BA

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