Sustainability Label for repair-friendly constructed electr(on)ic household appliances

Establishment of a "Sustainability Label for repair-friendly constructed electr(on)ic household appliances (brown and white goods) as a shopping guideline for consumers"


Project type/Funding

Factory of Tomorrow (Fabrik der Zukunft)
Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology


2006 - 2007

Aims and objectives

Contribution to the aims of EU's waste directives in order to reduce waste.
Experience of repair companies proves that electr(on)ic devices increasingly designed and constructed in a way that makes repair hardly feasible. Being an important aspect of the sustainable use of resources and the reduction of waste, the repair of products has to be secured as part of a long-term policy of sustainability.
The project pursued two targets:
It aimed at motivating producers to reverse the above mentioned current trend while at the same time addressing consumers in order to increase and foster the demand for easy to repair appliances. The project was intended to provide consumers with a credible information and orientation for their choice of new appliances by displaying the sustainability label on all household appliances for sale or hire. The awarding of this label is regulated by two ON-Regulations (ON=Austrian Standards Institute). They comprise a detailed definition of the criteria for the allocation of the label and the qualification standards for the respective assessment and controlling experts (auditors). These experts were qualified in a specific training. Specific PR, marketing and lobbying activities was launched. On the one hand they were be targeted on finding and convincing producers to label their products and on the other hand they focussed on the information of consumers and the promotion of the advantages of a sustainability label.


ON-Regulation "Sustainability label for repair-friendly designed electr(on)ic appliances (white and brown goods)"
ON-Regulation "Requirements for the qualification of auditors for the allocation of the ‘Sustainability label for repair-friendly designed electr(on)ic appliances (white and brown goods)"
Sustainability label certification of at least one product
Minimum of 3 certified auditors for appliances
Increased demand for repair-friendly designed appliances
Two leaflets for public relations use

Target groups

Consumers and producers

Applicant organisation



Dr. Norbert Weiß
ON Austrian Standards Institute
Arge Müllvermeidung
Norbert Hackl

Sabine Seidl

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DIin Sabine Seidl

+43 1 803 32 32-72
+43 699 189 174 65

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